Formal Wedding Dress Code Explained

What to wear to a formal wedding

Have you every received an invitation to a wedding and the dress code on the invitation left you confused? Between "Formal" and "Black Tie optional" it can be tricky to interpret the bride's wishes.

Roxy Lehmann, founder of Dress for a Night designer dress rentals, dresses wedding guests every day for every dress code imaginable. She says " Many couples want to share their special day with their family and friends. It is important to them that the day is a festive affair and formal dress codes are very popular. The most common dress codes are cocktail attire, formal and black tie."

Formal dress code wedding guest


Black Tie dress code

Black tie is the most formal dress code for wedding guests. Traditionally women are expected to wear a floor length evening dress. Often a sophisticated and dressy cocktail dress is also appropriate, however if the bride is traditional we recommend a floor length dress.

Contrary to popular belief, the dress does not need to be black. Many times people assume that a black dress is needed due the fact that "black tie" has the colour black in its name. Colours are very appropriate, in fact encouraged to wear to a black tie wedding We would advise to stay away from white or silver dresses (we don't want to steal the bride's limelight ;-)


Formal Dress code - wedding guest

Formal dress code is not as formal as black tie (sometimes this is also referred to as "Black Tie optional"). A floor length dress is best or an elegant cocktail dress.

"Sequins dresses are a popular choice, especially in emerald green or gold colours." according to Roxy Lehmann of Dress for a Night.


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