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Backup Dress


Not sure about the dress size or fit? Why not add a Backup Dress to your order!

How does the Backup Dress work?


If you would like to add a second size or another style to your order, simply follow the steps below:

  • Add both styles to your Cart
  • Read & Acknowledge the Terms and Conditions
  • At Checkout: Add the Discount code BACKUPDRESS to your Cart
    • This will reduce the second style to 80% OFF
  • Complete the Checkout and place your order

Example 1:

Example 2:

Tips for when selecting your Backup Dress

  • The booking dates for the Backup Dress needs to be the same as the Primary Dress
  • The less expensive dress will automatically default as your Backup dress
    • The 80% discount will be applied to the lower priced dress
  • Remove the tag only from the dress you decide to wear for your event. Untagged dresses are considered 'worn' and accrue the full rental price.


Terms and Conditions

The Backup Dress fee is non-refundable

  • What does this mean?
    • If you wear one dress (either your primary dress or your backup dress is returned with tags attached):
      • You will not be refunded.
      • If you wear either the Backup dress or the full priced option, we do not refund the difference in price between the two.
    • If you do not wear either dress (two dresses are returned with tags attached)
      • You will be refunded the booking fee for the primary dress only. The fee for the Backup dress will not be refunded.

Watch how it works: