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Our Bit for the Planet


At Dress for a Night, we have made a commitment to bring you high quality fashion, great customer service and consider our effect on the environment.


Sustainable Fashion

Buying a dress for a special event and only wearing it once, ends up in a wardrobe full of clothes that will only end up in landfill. Fast fashion – the constant provision of low-quality clothing at low prices – results in items only being worn a few times to then be thrown out. Fast fashion is evolving as the population continues to increase, and trends continue to come and go. Overconsumption of clothing leads to more waste and more textile material into landfill.

The textiles industry accounts for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. With circulating fashion items, we help to reduce emissions by improving our environmental footprint.

By renting your outfits and creating an environment of circular fashion, you can also help to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions created by the textiles industry.

Here at Dress for a Night, we rent out dresses so that you can still wear something new your events but instead, you will be reducing your carbon footprint while doing so. Our renting system allows for our customers to keep up with the latest trends while also being mindful as a consumer. Outfit repeating is no more with our sustainable fashion service!


How we get your Dress to you Sustainably

As a first step of our journey, we set ourselves the task to eliminate 1 piece of plastic per postage order.

We encouraged customers to reuse the post satchel provided upon receiving their dress, when returning. By that, we minimised the amount of soft plastic being used and were able to recycle every post satchel we received back with orders.

As a second step to our journey, we wondered if there would be any other way to reduce our use of plastics altogether. We introduced the use of compostable post satchels and created a system to make reusing your post satchel much easier. Simply cut open the post satchel and reseal once you have worn your dress. Upon your return, we recycle the compostable packaging, for a greener approach and to help reduce the emissions that come with creating and disposing of plastic materials.

Along with our post satchels, we recycle all our soft plastics that go into packaging your pick-up orders.


Striving for Change

At Dress for a Night, it is very important to us that we reduce our environmental footprint where we can. We strive to minimise our impact on the planet as much as possible, which is why we are always open to recommendations or tips for us to become a more eco-friendly business and provide sustainable fashion.