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Terms & Conditions


  • Bookings can be made directly via our store in person or via the website.
  • We take bookings up to 6 months in advance. Bookings are secured when the booking-fee is paid in full.
  • Postage orders can only be sent on business days, Monday - Friday. Orders placed on the weekend will be sent on the next business days.

Rental Returns

  • A regular rental period is for a duration of 4 days or 8 days.
  • This means the dress is due to be returned during opening hours on the last day of the booking. Boutique returns: For boutique drop off, customers are expected to return the item within opening hours or directly to the dry cleaner for 24/7 all hour access via the Red Box/ drop box. If the return date falls on a day that the boutique is closed (Sunday and Public Holidays) the next day will be the required return date.
  • Once a rental item has been collected in store, there are no returns or refunds for change of mind if the item is returned unworn within the rental period or on the booking end date.
  • Post Returns: For interstate customers, or customers posting items after the hire, items must be posted on the fourth day in the return Express Post bag provided by Dress for A Night (unless otherwise agreed at the time of hire). Postage item location can be tracked via the tracking numbers provided by Dress for a Night at the time of delivery.
  • Customers are expected to notify Dress for a Night urgently if there is a delay in returning the item.
  • If customers receive an item that is not as described, or faulty, customers are expected to contact Dress for a Night within 2 hours of receipt of the item and we will arrange exchange, or refund of the booking fee once the item is received back at the boutique.
  • Late returns attract a Late fee of 25% of the hire price per day that the return is late, after the last day of booking. Late fees will be charged to the customer credit card details that were provided at the time of booking
  • If the customer has not returned the rental item(s) within 15 days after the return date, Dress for a Night will consider the rental item(s) as non-returned and will charge the User’s credit card 100% of the recommended retail value in addition to the rental cost that the User has already paid. The credit card on file will be charged and if unsuccessful, referred to a debt collection agency.


Cancellation Policy

  • Rental Bookings: A cancellation fee per order applies to all cancelled bookings. Cancellation fee for dresses with a rental fee <$200= $45; dresses with a rental fee >$200= $75. If your event is cancelled or you cancel your hire, Dress for a Night will happily refund the rental amount minus $45 cancellation fee. The $45 cancellation fee applies per dress (not including the Backup Dress). Cancellations must be advised 48 hours prior to the Booking start date, before the item is collected by the customer or posted to the customer. Cancellations within 48 hours of the Booking start date qualify for a store credit (valid for 12 months). The Backup Dress fee can only be refunded prior to the dispatch of the item.
    • Example: cancellation of an order of 1 dress = 1x $45 fee/ $75 fee
    • Example: cancellation of an order of 2 dress= 2x $45 fee = $90 fee OR 2x $75 fee = $150 fee
    • Example: cancellation of an order of 1 dress + Backupdress (cancellation advised prior to dispatch) = 1x $45 fee/ $75 fee 
  • Last Minute orders: If a customer places an order less than 3 days prior to the start date of the rental booking, this is considered  "Last Minute order". Dress for a Night will not take responsibility for any post delays caused by Australia Post. Last minute orders are not eligible for a refund (in the case of late delivery past the booking start date, or failure to deliver by Australia Post). Customers may request a store credit, valid for 12 months, by notifying Dress for a Night via email. The store credit is exclusive of postage.
  • Try On Orders: Bookings for a Try On at Home service are non refundable once the item has been dispatched. 
  • Purchase Item Returns: No refund for Sale items of 25%OFF the RRP or more, store credit or exchange only. Please see our Refund Policy for more details.
  • Dress for a Night reserves the right to cancel a booking at short notice. Reasons for cancellation may include (but are not limited to) an item not being available due to late return by a previous customer or damage to an item. Dress for a Night endeavour to provide as much notice as possible. In the event of a cancellation by Dress for a Night, Dress for a Night offers a full refund, store credit or the option to change the booking to another item.

Condition of rental items

  • All items available to rent at Dress for a Night are items that have been worn previously and are dry cleaned by a professional company "Limes Dry Cleaner". Dress for a Night also engages qualified seamstresses to mend and repair items. The condition of rental items are "as new" or "near new". Due to the nature of the item being worn multiple times, there may be minor visible repairs and imperfections. We recommend all customers to inspect garments prior to renting. Thank you for joining the greener and more affordable alternative to fashion by renting a garment.


  • We are able to post interstate. We use Express post satchels, which enables a guaranteed next day delivery in most areas. Please refer to the Australia Post website for further information on the Guaranteed-Next-Day-Delivery network in Australia. If the users location is out of the Express Post network, it will take more than one business day and Dress for a Night has no control over this. We recommend an 8-day booking for all areas that are outside metro/ CBD areas.
  • The return postage will include a prepaid return label which is addressed to our business.


Fit Guarantee and Back-up dress

  • On receiving the dress, interstate customers or customers unable to try on dresses in store are entitled to a Fit-Guarantee. If the dress does not fit, Dress for a Night will provide a refund, minus the postage, or a store credit.
  • Please note, there is a limit of one Rental Fee refund per order. If two full-priced rental dresses are returned unworn, customers can claim a refund for one dress' rental fee and a store credit for the other dress' Rental Fee.
  • Backup dress: A backup dress can be added to an order at a 80%OFF reduced rental fee. The backup dress fee is non refundable. Limit of 1 Backup Dress per order. The dress of lower rental cost will default to be the backup dress.
    • If the customer wears either the backup dress, or the full priced option, we do not refund the difference in price between the two.
    • If the customer does not wear either dress (= two dresses are returned with tags attached):We will refund/provide store credit for the booking fee for the primary dress only. The fee for the Backup dress will not be refunded. 

Dry Cleaning​

  • Dress for a Night will dry clean the dress after the hire period. We use experienced dry cleaners that are familiar with the care instructions. Customers agree not to attempt to clean the dress, if the customer attempts to clean the dress and it results in permanent damage, additional costs may incur.

Damage to hired Items/Lost and Stolen hired Items

  • We expect our customers to take reasonable care of the hired item. However, it is possible some damage may occur. For minor damage that is repairable for a cost of less than $100.00, Dress for A Night will not charge customers.
  • Dress for a Night offers free damage insurance to the value of one hundred dollars ($100) to cover minor damage or staining. For minor damage and/or staining if Dress for a Night assesses (at its sole discretion) that the cost of repairs will be over one hundred dollars ($100), then the customer will be required to pay the difference (e.g. if the repair cost is one hundred and fifty dollars ($150), then Dress for a Night will require the customer to pay fifty dollars ($50). The repair or replacement costs will be charged to the customer credit card details that were provided at the time of booking. Customers will be notified of all charges in advance. Repair or replacement cost may be up to the amount listed as the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) at the time of booking, less the booking fee.
  • If the item gets lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, whether or not such loss, theft, or damage is attributable to any negligence, failure, or omission of the customer then the customer will be liable to pay for replacement of the item. In assessing the replaceable value, Dress for a Night will take into account, the demand of that dress in the market, the availability to purchase that dress in the market, the condition of the dress, and the rental fee that the customer has already made. Charges can be up to 100% of the recommended retail value in addition to the rental cost that the customer has already paid.

Social Media 

  • Make sure to tag @dressforanight on Instagram or Facebook! Where the team from Dress For A Night features customer content on our social media platforms, we offer you a $50 store gift card via email as a "Thank you".
  • We never ask for your financial details via social media.

By renting a garment I accept the terms and conditions.

By accepting the terms and conditions, I authorize Dress for a Night to charge the provided credit card or PayPal according to the terms outlined above. This payment authorization is for the goods/services described above, for the amount indicated above only. I certify that I am an authorized user of this credit card/ PayPal and that I will not dispute the payment with my credit card company; so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated in this form.


If Dress for a Night does not receive payment from your credit card provider or if your credit card expires or is rejected, you agree to pay all amounts due upon demand. If any monies payable remain unpaid by you after 7 days from the date of demand, you authorise Dress for a Night to charge any outstanding fees and other amounts due to us in accordance with these Terms and Conditions against any credit card you have on file with us, including but not limited to the credit card, which details are specified above.

Dress for a Night reserves the right to take all steps necessary to collect amounts due from you, including but not limited to legal action and/or using third party debt collection agencies.



PRIVACY DECLARATION:  Personal Information collected and/or held by Dress for a Night will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected or otherwise in accordance with the National Privacy Principles (NPPs). Dress for a Night will hold this information securely, and will only disclose personal information in accordance with its Privacy Declaration (available at If you would like to request access to your personal information or find out more about how Dress for A Night respects your right to privacy, please contact our Privacy Officer on 04375495872 or by email at