We traveled to sunny Brisbane for the Channel 7 Ipswich Cup 2017

I get the sense that Brisbane’s the forgotten big sister of the Gold Coast. It’s not only school holiday season that sees hordes of families flock to the beaches of the sunny Goldy, but according to the GCCEC the region attracts over 12 million visitors every single year, with international visitors doubling our domestic peers. Brisbane, on the other hand, drew in less than half the tourists of its beachside sister at 5.8 million visitors in 2015, according to www.choosebrisbane.com, but great news for the sunny city, tourism on the rise and I can see why. They definitely do have a lot to offer, as I discovered last weekend.

Having not visited Brisbane sleepover-style since I was a child, I was stoked when my boyfriend and I were invited on a weekend away to the capital of Queensland to eat, drink and giddy-up to the Channel 7 Ipswich Cup. It would be a new place to explore as an adult and would give us the opportunity to dress up, show up and check out the fashions of the winter racing season. 

Ipswich Cup 2017: Styled and dressed by Dress For A Night in a Thurley jumpsuit and Morgan & Taylor crown.

Ipswich Cup 2017: Octavio and I enjoying the corporates. Photo Credit: The Queensland Times by Franca Tigani.

Ipswich Cup 2017: Styled and dressed by Dress For A Night in Thurley and Morgan & Taylor. Photo Credit: The Queensland Times


This blog post was written by Rachel Raez who regularly hosts fashion, lifestyle and health & beauty segments.

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