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Wardrobe Refresh Now Live!

Dress for a night dress hire wardrobe update

Tired of what's in your closet? 

Keep up with the latest fashion, and change up your style with our Wardrobe Refresh! Hire a whole range of outfit options, for one whole month! 

Choose from our select range of rentals and receive three gorgeous, fresh looks to vamp up your style!

Choose three styles to hire & get all three for just $149, with free shipping! 

It's never been so easy to rent your style!

Dress for a night wardrobe refresh rangeDress for a night wardrobe hire

Dress for a night wardrobe refresh range

Dress for a night wardrobe refresh range

These styles and more are included in our exclusive Wardrobe Refresh range! 
Head to the website to hire your own wardrobe refresh, and wear something new every weekend for a month! 


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