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What Colour to Wear to an Autumn Wedding

Summer is an incredible time to have a wedding, don’t get us wrong, but we're starting to see a shift in what’s popular at the moment. Everyone loves a floral, flowy summer jumpsuit, but an Autumn wedding require deep, moody colours that show strength, and that darker pallet unlocks a whole heap of styles - some of which we’re going to show you!

The best colours to wear to an autumn wedding reflect the change in season;

best colours to wear to an autumn wedding

Our Autumn Wedding Collection

See the autumn colours and dresses we love to see on wedding guests at the moment!



The dreamy Arles Midi Dress by Rebecca Vallance is ideal for any daytime event! It has a high neckline, long balloon sleeves, and a fitted waist for a flattering form. It's the perfect option for an afternoon tea or an autumn garden wedding.

The MISTER ZIMI Betsy Set (Flores)

A vibe for autumn, summer, or Pina Coladas at sunset - all of the above. The Mister Zimi Betsy set comes in two pieces - the crop style is designed with adjustable straps with buttons (and it’s bra-friendly…). The skirt is mid-length, it includes a high-low hem and a fitted panel waist.

Showing off a bit of ankle, this piece is paired well with a tan heel and any ankle accessories you may wish to flaunt!

NOOKIE Jezebel Crop + Pants (Chocolate)

NOOKIE Jezebel Crop + Pants (Chocolate)

A structured velvet crop top with a drape feature, corset fit and thin straps. Fully lined - this piece is a show stopper at any autumn wedding. Granted, this piece may be suited to the statement makers, it’s not for everyone, but we are absolutely loving it at the moment!

The LEXI Talia Dress (Honey)

The LEXI Talia Dress (Honey)

The Talia dress is a gorgeous golden mustard colour with an elegant satin finish. It's made of luxurious heavyweight satin and has a cut-out bustier design with a pleated bodice and a body-skimming skirt with a thigh-high split. The hue is a beautiful golden mustard colour with an exquisite satin finish.

Autumn weddings - around the house… any occasion is fine! We think this goes nicely with a gold statement piece - a necklace if you decide to go strapless (the option is there for you) or statement earrings if the strap is better suited to your taste.

The BEC + BRIDGE Nadia Twist Maxi Dress

The BEC + BRIDGE Nadia Twist Maxi Dress

The Nadia Twist Maxi Dress is a stunning party gown that creates a flattering feminine form. The dress relaxes over the hips and flows elegantly to the bottom of the ankle.

If you’re looking for bride’s maid dresses, these are an absolute highlight (without showing up the bride).

Unfortunately, you can’t wear a bra with this piece, so we suggest investing in some Boob Tape - if you haven't already!

What to Wear to an Autumn Wedding

There’s a little bit of strategy involved with picking your outfit for an Autumn wedding, especially if you don't have a boyfriend’s jacket to steal when the sun disappears for a while. You have to be warm enough to be comfortable but not rugged up so much that it looks like you’ve come to the wedding with pneumonia.

Let’s look at some pieces that are really popular this year.

We could sum it up in one sentence… borrowed from the boys, puffy sleeves, two pieces, and brown, brown and more brown. But if you want more info, we’ll go into detail below.

Borrowed from the Boys

Blazers, straight-legged pants, elegant soft pallets - empowering pieces that show strength. The borrowed from the boys movement stems back to the 40s. As more and more women were required to work industrial and physical jobs due to the lack of male workers sent off to war, the affection for comfortable clothing grew.  Coco Channel was the first to wear pants in a formal environment. This has had a rippling effect on what fashion is to this very day.

Borrowed from the boys, or as we like to call it, claimed from the boys is a movement we are all about.

PASDUCHAS Checker Suit (Blazer + Pants)

Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves started in the victorian era, made a comeback in the 80s, and like most fashionable fads, they have made a third comeback.

Puffy Sleeves


We feel like sometimes women assume they’re pressured to wear dresses and dresses only… it’s the 21st century! If you want to wear a jumpsuit, two-piece, or a black ball gown to an autumn wedding, go for it!

We’ve seen that two pieces are really starting to move around autumn now. A shorter skirt frees up your choice of footwear. If you’re proud of the tan (or fake tan) that you have at the moment, then show a bit of bronze with an empty middle half!

This one does depend on where you live and whether the piece can be matched with a jacket.

SEVEN WONDERS Madeira Blouse + Skirt

Don’t Assume All Autumn Weddings are the Same!

Just because a wedding is in autumn, it doesn’t mean that it is a one-dress-style-fits-all. You need to consider what the description of the wedding was. Is it a formal wedding in autumn, a beach wedding in autumn (unlikely in the southern parts of Australia), is it a winery wedding, church wedding, black tie autumn wedding - all of these locations or variations may affect what kind of autumn piece you put in the shopping cart.

We’re not sure why some people have a complex about asking for more details around the dress code; ask away! You can rest completely reassured that the bride would rather people ask her questions about clothes than rock up to a wedding where nobody is matching…

The Take Away

Colours - Brown, red, orange, light yellows

Styles - Two-piece, borrowed from the boys (suit jackets, pants etc.), puffy sleeves.

Considerations - Where the wedding location is may affect what autumn dress/get-up you wear.

See our Wedding Collection for more helpful pointers and suggestions!


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