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Dress for a night designer dress hire


Our mission is to give women the confidence to be the best version of themselves. 

Dress For A Night provides front-row access to designer fashion. We removed the astronomical price tag and added increased choice, environmental sustainability, and an exceptional customer service experience.

We offer high-end designer outfits to rent for your special event. Why shoulder the full financial and environmental burden of purchasing new garments for every occasion? 

Whether browsing our collection online or in-store at our North Sydney boutique, we transform dressing for special occasions into delightful experiences through our best-in-class customer service and dreamy range of high-end dresses. We pride ourselves on service that is welcoming, helpful, and efficient.

You can have it all: quality designer clothing, helpful service from approachable team members, and a try-on service — all while helping the planet and paying a fraction of the cost of buying new. 



In 2016, Roxy Lehmann found herself with a looming black-tie event, empty wardrobe, and depleted budget. She could not justify spending $500 on a dress she may only wear once. She did not have friends in town whose wardrobes she could raid. Getting dressed for a special occasion should have been exciting but it left Roxy feeling lonely and stressed. 

It dawned on her that there had to be another way for women to create a red-carpet look. Today, Roxy works to ensure women do not find themselves in the same situation. 

Roxy Lehmann Dress for a Night


Now the Founder and Director of Dress For A Night, Roxy started the business with professional skills from her six years in the corporate world, understanding of her environmental responsibilities, and experience as a woman with nothing to wear. 

Our mission is to give women the confidence to be the best version of themselves. Women can RSVP ‘YES!’ knowing they can rent high-quality designer outfits at a fraction of the cost of purchasing. 

Rather than a cause of stress, women can take for granted that a team member at Dress For A Night can help them find the perfect outfit. Knowing they are reducing their carbon footprint by renting, rather than owning, is another reason to rest easy. 

Our commitment to high-quality clothing, customer service, and the environment is reflected in our growing list of accolades: 

  • 2018 Australian Small Business Championships Finalist
  • 2017 Local Business Awards Winner, Fashion Business of the Year: North Sydney
  • 2017 Local Business Awards Finalist, Fashion Business of the Year: North Sydney


Roxy and the Dress For A Night team are continuing to write the next chapters of their story with a new boutique on the way and an expansion of their eco-friendly focus.


To join our story, visit a boutique or browse our online collection and share your experience on social media using the hashtag #dressforanight 

Dress for a Night Designer dress hire