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Heels "Oh they are so comfortable" ...Can't believe it? We can!

Okay we have to be honest here. Even when we tell our boyfriends/ fiance's/ husbands that the most recent shoe purchase is an investment, I know I am normally the first to take my shoes off on the way home (or on the dance floor, if possible).

I also know I am not the only one years for a good pair of heels , because You (my wonderful customers) keep asking me where to go for a good pair of heels. I can't count the amount of times you tried to buy the heels in our change rooms. Followed by look of a broken heart when we have to tell you they are not for sale- UNTIL NOW!

We have partnered with our friends from Nude footwear  and as an official stockist we can't wait to dress you in a beautiful gown, matched with our perfect heels!

nude shoes Dakota Sydney stockist Dress for a Night
nude footwear Sydney shop Sydney stockist DRESS FOR A NIGHT DRESS HIRE


See you soon at our Sydney designer dress hire STORE!

Roxy xx


We currently stock: Nude Footwear Dakota Heel Black Suede + Nude Footwear Dakota Heel Nude Suede!


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