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How to Style a Blue Dress | Colours on Trend

The Trendy Colour Blue

Posted • July 6 • Dress for a Night • Designer Dress Hire

There's something about a blue dress that just feels so right, no matter the occasion. Whether you're dressing up for a formal event or looking for something to wear to cocktails with the girls, a blue dress is always a go-to option. And with the colour blue being on trend this season, there's no better time to find a blue dress for hire! Keep reading for styling tips on how to rock that blue dress and keep up to date with the trends.

How to Style a Blue Dress

Now you might be thinking, how do I style a blue dress? Well we've got you covered with all the styling tips depending on the type of look you are after - formal or casual.

Neutral accessories

Blue is a statement block colour so we don't want to take away from the dress too much. The dress is the statement piece. To have the dress as the statement, we recommend using neutral coloured accessories, such as a nude, black or white shoe and clutch with minimalistic and dainty jewellery. This will compliment the dress and add elegance to the look.

Bold Accessories

Now, if you have a pair of fancy shoes or a statement bag, that you have been waiting to show off at an event, here are a few styling tips if you are wanting to wear it with a blue dress.

If you have metallic accessories, such as gold shoes or a silver clutch, we definitely recommend matching all your accessories to be the same colour, that way there is no colour clashing and your look is sleek.

If you have a fun, patterned clutch that has a hint of blue in it, we recommend dulling down the rest of your accessories with neutral colours. Or, if you want to keep it fun and bold, find shoes and other accessories of a similar colour to the statement piece.

Sparkly Blue Dresses

When you are wearing a blue dress that has a bit of shimmer and shine, the dress is the moment. With a statement piece that bold, you definitely don't want to take away from all its glory. Let the dress be the statement with neutral accessories and minimalistic jewellery.

Blue Dresses for Hire

Blue Satin Dresses

The Li'dee Theatre Mini Dress

The Li'dee Theatre Mini Dress is a super unique, fun and playful style especially for if you are needing a dress for events such as cocktails with the girls. The dress features a fitted waist and flared umbrella skirt which gives a flattering silhouette, as well as a rounded neckline and soft flared sleeves for a touch of elegance. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, invited to a wedding, or just enjoying a night out on the town, this dress is sure to turn heads, especially with its stunning midnight blue colour.

The Nookie Amelia Halter Gown

The Nookie Amelia Halter Gown is a sophisticated high neck halter gown with soft draping at the side waist and cut away front hem. The dress features a stunning low back that will guaranteed leave you feeling sexy and confident. This dress is perfect for black tie evening events or formals, but can also be dressed down for more casual events such as dinner dates.

The Nookie Amelia Halter Gown for hire is worn by @jessieann_g

The Bec + Bridge Moondance Strapless Dress

The Bec + Bridge Moondance Strapless Dress is one I'm sure you've all seen before as it was worn by Kendall Jenner herself. It is an elegant maxi dress that flatters all body types. We love this dress for formals, black tie events or even as bridesmaid dresses as worn by Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. You can even dress this piece down to make it suitable for cocktail events.

The Bec + Bridge Moondance Strapless Dress for hire is available in a beautiful seaspray blue that is guaranteed to look good on all skin tones.

Blue Sparkly Dresses

The Nookie Pandora Long Sleeve Gown

The Nookie Pandora Long Sleeve Gown is a two piece gown in a stunning, deep and vibrant blue sequin. This show stopping gown features shoulder pads that accentuate the figure by giving an hourglass silhouette. This dazzling dress will have jaws dropping and all eyes on you. We think this two piece gown is perfect for black tie events, formals or even wedding guests. This dress is the moment with the on trend midnight blue.  

The Nookie Pandora Long Sleeve Gown for hire is worn by @monn.mariaa

The Nookie Leilani One Shoulder Gown

The Nookie Leilani One Shoulder Gown is a striking one shoulder gown with fine elastic double straps. Crafted in a stretch sequin, this dress has ultimate comfortability and flatters all body types. This blue dress for hire is perfect for black tie events and formals. We also love that this dress is perfect for all you ladies who have a baby bump to show off as it is maternity friendly!

Event-Ready with Dress for a Night

Now that you are kept up to date with the blue colours on trend at the moment and know how to style a blue dress, it is time to get browsing for your next event!

You can hire all of the blue dresses mentioned in this article at Dress for a Night. With our easy hiring system, you can save an arm and a leg in cash that it would cost to purchase, and you can still wear the cutest of dresses! It's a win-win situation!


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