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Aje Style Files | How to Nail the Yellow Dress Trend

If you tend to keep an eye on the trends, you’ll know
yellow is making a real impact. From soft honey hues to vibrant fluorescent lemon tones, yellow seems to be everywhere. And we’re loving it. Yellow, by nature, is a colour that sparks joy, which is why we’re all about yellow dresses for the most special occasions. But we get it — bright colours can also be a little intimidating. Not sure how to nail the yellow dress trend? We’ve got you. Let’s dive straight in. 

How To Style A Yellow Dress

Sure, styling a yellow dress might require a little more thought than styling a black dress, but it’s worth the effort. 

There’s just something about that pop of colour that feels fresh and exciting. A yellow dress is guaranteed to turn heads, so it’s important to get the styling just right.

The Yellow Colour Palette 

When it comes to working with yellow, the most important step is to choose the right yellow for your skin tone.

If you’ve worn yellow before and decided it’s not your colour, you may have simply worn a shade that clashed with your skin tone.

Not sure which shade fits you best? As a general rule of thumb, follow the below recommendations:

  • Light neutral skin tone – Buttery yellows. 
  • Light warm skin tone – Dijon yellows. 
  • Light cool skin tone – Honey yellows.
  • Fair neutral skin tone – Daffodil yellows. 
  • Fair warm skin tone – Citron yellows.
  • Medium neutral – Butterscotch yellows.
  • Medium warm skin tone – Pineapple and banana yellows.
  • Medium cool skin tone – Gold yellows.
  • Dark neutral skin tone – Canary yellows.
  • Dark warm skin tone – Mustard yellows. 

Consider the Occasion

Once you’ve matched your skin tone to a shade of yellow, it’s time to consider the occasion. Different occasions call for different silhouettes, so be guided by the location, season, and dress code of the event. 


For casual events — think barbeques, picnics, and relaxed lunches — there are no definitive do’s and dont’s.

In warm, summery locations you might want to opt for something with floaty or frill detailing, and in cooler months a more fitted silhouette would work well.

Given it’s the most flexible of dress codes, you can play around with different shapes to find what works best for you. 


Cocktail event dressing can be a little confusing. While the widely accepted rule has been to avoided mini dresses at all costs, we’re not so sure this is true of all cocktail events.

We agree it’s best to steer clear of mini dresses for cocktail weddings, but at a cocktail birthday party, a mini dress actually works really well.

If you are opting for a mini dress at a cocktail event, look to silhouettes with structure and minimal cut-outs to keep your look elevated. 

Lounge Suit

Lounge suit is a bit of a step up from cocktail, so we suggest going for ankle or floor-length dresses.

However, it’s a step down from black and white tie, so opt for understated yet sophisticated shapes. Think chic slip-style dresses and drape details during cooler seasons, and tiered hemlines as the weather warms. 

Black/White Tie

The most formal of all event dress codes, black and white tie invitations call for floor-length gowns. It’s a good idea to avoid anything overly floaty or with excessive cut outs, as these details lend themselves to less formal events. 

Accessorise Sparingly

Wondering how to accessorise a yellow dress? The old adage ‘less is more’ is definitely applicable here.

A yellow dress makes a statement all on its own, so avoid going overboard with accessories. Simple hoops or studs and a fine necklace or bracelet is about as far as we’d go. Black shoes are a no-go – look to neutral or subtle metallic tones instead.

As for hair and makeup, keep things simple. Avoid dramatic up-dos; either keep your hair down or go for a relaxed low bun or ponytail. Opt for a natural, bronzey makeup look instead of a heavy smoky eye, as darker shades will clash with yellow.


If you’re feeling particularly daring, you can also approach accessories with a colourblocking lens. Colourblocking essentially means creating sections of colour in an outfit, either within the garment itself or by accessorising with different coloured items.

To dip your toe into the colourblocking trend, go for monochromatic, tonal, or analogous styling.

For the monochromatic approach, accessorise your yellow dress with shoes and a bag in the same shade of yellow.

Or, with the tonal technique, go for accessories in a slightly different shade of yellow to your dress.

Analogous colourblocking takes colourblocking a step further, pairing two or three colours that are side-by-side on the colour wheel. So, if you’re wearing a yellow dress, you would accessorise with red, orange, or green pieces.

For the most vibrant look, try complementary colourblocking. To achieve this look, you’ll select accessories in a colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel. So, for a yellow dress, you’d select shoes and a clutch in a shade of purple.

Aje Yellow Dresses

If you’re not yet sold on the idea of a yellow dress, these beauties from Aje might change your mind.

Aje is an Australian brand that draws inspiration from coastal and urban styling to create elevated essentials and statement occasion pieces. Each design tows the line between unbridled volume and structure, and toughness and femininity to create unique, stand-out silhouettes.

From yellow mini dresses to buttery tiered midi’s, Aje has an option for every occasion. Below, we share our top five yellow dresses from Aje.

Aje Caliente Tiered Cut Out Dress

We love this chic and fun look for weddings, summer cocktail parties, or the Spring racing carnival. This Daisy Yellow asymmetric midi dress features an elevated two-tier statement skirt, gathered bodice, and front cut-out detail. Pair back with simple, understated accessories and let the dress do all the talking. 

Aje Jacinto Pleated Mini Dress

If bright, fluorescent yellow-lime tones work with your skin tone, the Aje Jacinto Pleated Mini Dress is a must-wear. It boasts a sensual artisanal structure and fluttered tulle neckline. These features work together to create a romantic statement look, perfect from garden lunches to birthday parties. 

Aje Breathless Frill Sleeve Mini Dress

In a bold yellow-lime hue, the Breathless Frill Sleeve Mini Dress exudes fun and frivolity. Our favourite feature? The frill sleeve detailing, which is perfectly balanced by the fitted bodice and ruffle skirt. This mini arrives in a luxe linen fabrication, making it ideal for summer and springtime events. 

Event-Ready With Dress For A Night

Now that you know how to nail the yellow dress trend, it’s time to get browsing!

You can hire all of the Aje dresses mentioned in this article at Dress For A Night. But why would you want to hire instead of buy? You’ll save cash and closet space, plus you’re helping to reduce the impact that the fashion and textiles industry has on the environment. Everyone wins!

You can hire all of the pieces mentioned here.


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