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How To Style A Pink Dress - With Dress For A Night


Neutrals will always have a place in our wardrobes, but for event-styling, colour is the way to go. Bright colours exude joy, which is exactly what special events call for. With this in mind, prepare to tear your eyes away from black, navy, and neutrals, and step towards something bold. When it comes to colour, we can’t look past pink tones — the brighter the better! Wondering how to style a pink dress? We’ve got you covered. This guide explores how to find the right pink shade for your skin tone and how to accessorise your outfit to create an eye-catching, statement look. 

First Things First

Consider shade and silhouette before you begin sifting through styles. This will narrow down your search and ensure you’re working with tones and shapes that will best suit you. 

Pick Your Shade

Not all pink tones are made equal. When you’re looking to incorporate colour into your look, the first step is finding the shade that best suits your skin tone.

Opt for a shade that is most like your natural blush. If your skin has warm yellow or golden undertones, look to peach, apricot, salmon, copper and coral shades. These warmer tones will work with your skin rather than against it, creating a harmonious look. For cool skin tones (rosy or pink undertones), go with cooler shades including baby pink, rose, strawberry, fuschia, magenta and plum.

Once you’ve identified your undertones, you’ll have a more tailored spectrum of pink hues to work with. From here, consider the season. If you have cool undertones and you’re looking for a winter wedding guest outfit, something in a plum hue would be ideal. In summer, you might opt for fuschia instead. For warmer-toned skin types, coral will work well when it’s warm, while salmon and raspberry tones will be ideal in colder months. 

Select A Silhouette

Now that you’ve got a shade in mind, let’s look at silhouettes. The dress code for the event will help to guide you here.

For garden parties, high teas, elegant lunches and picnics, or daytime parties, a mini dress is appropriate. Silhouettes with frills or feminine detailing are perfect for these settings. Mini dresses are also a great option if you’re heading out to a bar for birthday drinks.

If the dress code is cocktail — most weddings and school formals will fall under this category —  opt for midi length dresses or a chic blazer-and-pants set. You could also look to jumpsuits or a midi skirt and crop.

For events with a bit more leeway when it comes to dress codes, why not experiment with a two-piece set? A crop top with matching pants or a skirt will deliver a contemporary event-ready look. 

How To Accessorise A Pink Dress (Or Outfit) 

Feeling lost on how to style a hot pink dress? You’re not alone. Colour often feels more challenging to style, but it’s actually pretty straight forward once you have a few rules in mind. Let’s take a closer look at how you can approach accessorising a colourful outfit. 


One of the best ways to style colour is to go all-in and create a colourblocked look. There are a few ways to go about colourblocking depending on how bold you’re feeling! 

Go Tonal

Tonal or monochromatic colourblocking means sticking with the one colour from head to toe. Tonal styling is a great way to ease into the colourblocking trend.

With this approach, you’ll incorporate different tones and saturations of the same colour. So, you might opt for a peach dress with salmon-coloured pumps, or you might add strawberry-toned heels and a bag to your hot pink dress. 

Colour Family

To step-up your colourblocking, accessorise with pieces in the same colour family as your outfit. In the case of a pink dress, you might accessorise with bright red pieces in warmer months or deep violet pieces as the weather cools.   

Contrasting Tones

For the most daring among us, working with contrasting tones will deliver the ultimate colourblocking effect.

Contrasting tones sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. The key here is not to go overboard — stick to two or three contrasting colours to keep your look cohesive and neat.

Style your pink outfit with bright apple green or lemon yellow accessories. Think a pink mini dress with pointed-toe green or lemon heels and a matching clutch!

Neutral Notes

If you’re not up for colourblocking this time around, neutral accessories are elegant and timeless.

Black or dark accessories can feel a bit heavy against pink tones, so we generally recommend opting for nude and white instead. These shades have an elongating effect, as they bring the eye down the body. 


Keep jewellery minimal and understated. A pink outfit, especially with colourblocked accessories, speaks for itself. So, avoid chunky statement jewellery and instead look to classic hoops, a fine bracelet, and a few special rings. 

Our Favourite Pink Picks

Now that we’ve covered everything you need to know about styling pink dresses, it’s time to start browsing! Below, we share out top pink picks from some of our most-loved brands. 

Aje Pink Dresses

When it comes to pink mini dresses, Aje delivers. From smock and tiered designs to puff-sleeve and cut-out silhouettes, Aje creates contemporary shapes perfect for garden parties, sunset drinks, and elevated lunches.



Rebecca Vallance Pink Dresses

If you’re heading to a formal cocktail party, opt for a Rebecca Vallance pink dress. These midi dresses are structured and sophisticated, making them perfect from weddings and formals to work parties. One-shoulder designs and statement bows offer a playful edge.

Bec And Bridge 

Heading out for birthday drinks or a uni ball? Look to pink set or pink dress from Bec and Bridge. Styles with flattering cut-outs and fitted silhouettes are ideal for events with a bit more dress-code freedom.


L’idee Pink Dresses

If you’re after a wedding guest dress, L’idee is our top pick. Delicate pleats, floaty skirts, and high-neck details offer old-world glamour and timeless femininity. L’idee’s pink dresses arrive in a variety of shades, so you’ll be sure to find the right one for your skin tone.




Nookie Pink Sets

Looking for a show-stopping silhouette? Nookie’s sets are the way to go. Featuring form-fitting skirts and matching crops, these pink sets make a statement. We love them paired with slicked-back hair for the perfect after-dark look. 




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