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Make a Statement with Strapless Formal Dresses

Strapless Formal Dresses

Posted 25 April • Dress for a Night • Designer Dress Hire

If you have an event coming up and you've always wanted to wear a strapless dress but they have intimidated you, and you have never known how to style them. Stress no more! We will show you all our favourite trending formal dresses that are strapless, and give you tips and tricks on how to wear them.

How to Wear a Strapless Formal Dress

What to Wear with a Strapless Formal Dress

Strapless formal dresses can be uncomfortable, and if you do not have the right materials, you will be pulling and tugging all night long and who wants that?

Bust Support

To achieve the ultimate bust support when wearing a strapless formal dress, a strapless bra is your best friend. Because bras with straps cannot be worn with strapless dresses, its time to invest in a good strapless bra if your chosen dress allows for it.

Some strapless formal dresses have low cut necklines, cut-outs or low backs which means, not even a strapless bra can be worn. This is where boob tape comes in and saves the day! To have the support that a bra would give, all you need to do is strap yourself in and you'll be good to go in your strapless formal dress!


I remember at my school formal many years ago, I wore a strapless formal dress and all night, I would be holding the top of my dress in fear that it would fall down. It was the worst! I was constantly worrying about flashing my entire grade and was not comfortable whatsoever.

You might be in the same boat thinking, there is no way that you can wear a strapless dress comfortably, without tugging and pulling up the dress the whole night. This is where you're wrong, and I wish I knew this earlier! Double sided fashion tape comes will change your life forever. It comes in handy for situations like these. Place a few strips inside the lining of your dress, and the dress will be glued to you! Your night will easily become stress free as you do not have to worry about accidentally flashing parts that other people do not need to see.

How to Style a Strapless Formal Dress

Styling a strapless formal dress is easier than it seems, let me break it down for you.


As your decolletage is exposed, it accentuates your feminine features which you could compliment with accessories.

If you are wearing a simple strapless formal dress, you can accessorise with jewellery such as a standout necklace to compliment the outfit. If your dress is a statement, such as a sequin or beaded style, keep jewellery minimal as you do not want to overpower your look.


To accentuate those feminine features such as your decolletage, an up-do hairstyle is the perfect option, such as a high ponytail, or low bun. These up-do hairstyles really open up everything around the face and neck, which is really gorgeous with a strapless dress.

You can also style your hair loose, with curls or straightened. There is no limits on how you choose to style your hair, it just depends on the look you are going for.

Strapless Formal Dresses

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Nookie Valentina Dress

The Nookie Valentina Dress is a stunning gold strapless formal dress made from Nookie's famous stretch sequin. This dress is guaranteed to make jaws drop with its stunning shimmer. This dress hugs and flatters the figure, making you feel sexy and confident. This is the perfect dress for if you are wanting to add a bit of sparkle to your formal outfit.

This style is available in the colours sapphire blue, rose gold, black, pink, and mint.

If you are wanting a white strapless formal dress, this style is also available in white.

Lia Stublla Lillia Gown

The Lia Stublla Lillia Gown is a stunning red strapless corset formal dress crafted from a high quality satin. This dress features intricate pleating and a corset-style strapless bodice that cinches at the waist. With a thigh high split and long dramatic train, this dress exudes elegance and drama. This dress is guaranteed to turn heads, so if you are looking for a showstopping style, this one is for you.

This style is also available in emerald green.

House Of CB Adrienne Corset Maxi Dress

The House of CB Adrienne Corset Maxi Dress is cut from a thick satin that drapes across the body. The built in corset allows for a flattering hourglass silhouette. This strapless corset formal dress is all about luxury which makes you look effortlessly put together. You can never go wrong with a black dress, no matter what season, which is why we know you will fall in love with this dress. If you are wanting to experiment with corset dresses, but want to start off with baby steps, this is the dress for you.

Lexi Alzira Dress

The Lexi Alzira Dress is a stunning strapless formal dress that features Lexi's signature thigh high split and ruching at the waist. In a gorgeous vibrant teal blue, this dress will guaranteed make you stand out from the rest. The draping material around the body gives a flattering silhouette. We recommend keeping accessories minimal as the dress is the statement piece.

Lia Stublla Eviana Gown

The Lia Stublla Eviana Gown is a beautiful strapless corset formal dress featuring an asymmetric neckline. This dress gives a stunning hourglass silhouette with its built in corset bodice. This gown is sure to turn heads and will leave you feeling glamorous. We love this style for formal events where every guest is required to make a statement with their outfit. This gorgeous corset style formal dress is the perfect dress to step out of your comfort zone with, as it leaves you feeling like a million dollars.

This style is also available in red and black.

Lia Stublla Celine Gown

The Lia Stublla Celine Gown is the perfect formal dress for those who want something extra. This strapless corset formal dress features a thigh high split and a long dramatic train. If you want to make a statement, this dress is made for doing just that. With the cinch at the waist, the corset does everything it is supposed to do to give that hourglass figure. Everyone is obsessed with Lia Stublla and we know you will be too.

This style is also available in red and cobalt blue.

Tinaholly Lucille Gown

The Tinaholly Lucille Gown is a gorgeous full-skirt formal gown. This strapless formal dress features a dip in the neckline, padded bust, a-line silhouette and full-skirt. This stunning formal gown will truly have you feeling like a princess. A flattering fit and comfortable style, you cannot go wrong with this dress for if you want to make a statement.

This style is available in red and navy blue.

Nookie Cherish Gown

The Nookie Cherish Gown is a gorgeous strapless formal dress in a teal velvet. Crafted from a flattering stretch velvet, this dress also features a structured bodice and thigh high split. This timeless strapless formal dress is an elegant design that will have you looking sophisticated and glamorous. You can pair this dress with statement jewels or pearls to elevate the look and make it extra glam. 

Finding Your Fit

Now that we have shown you our favourite picks and given you all the tips and tricks to comfortably wear a strapless formal dress, its time for you to decide which style you love the most! You can hire all these strapless formal dresses at Dress for a Night for a fraction of the retail price because why buy when you can hire and save money! Stay on the trends with our convenient hiring service, and wear that strapless formal dress that you have always wanted to wear but been too daunted by.


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