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Top 5 Reasons to Rent not Buy

Do you usually buy designer clothing or formal gowns for upcoming events? Tired of spending money on dresses, wearing them once and then never again? Here are five reasons why you might consider renting a dress for your next special occasion versus buying:

1. You can save money hiring!

Who doesn’t love wearing beautiful designer dresses that feel amazing and in wearing them look like a million dollars?! But designer brands do not come cheap, you definitely pay for what you get. It can cost a fortune to purchase designer clothing pieces, burning a big hole in your purse.

Why pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a dress when you can rent it for a small fraction of the price. It is definitely a more efficient way to manage your spending, plus its easier on your pocket. You can look ever so glamourous, classy and elegant, living up that boujee lifestyle in designer clothing while effectively saving money. Why spend your entire paycheck on a gown that you will only wear once when you can hire it instead?

2. Explore different styles and fashion choices

Choosing to switch from buying formal clothing pieces to hiring means you can be more experimental with your style and have not to worry about how much wear you get out of the purchase. Our buying of clothing items is often guided by our future potential use of that purchase, which can sway us towards more basic, essential or versatile garments and away from unique, bold or statement pieces.

Think about it, how likely are you to buy a designer dress that is a plain black simple style or one that has a colourful print with striking features and details. We all love a LBD, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes taking fashion risks and experimenting with different styles and unique looks can be less daunting when you know you are going to return the dress.

With renting, you can change up your style and try out different looks without worrying if that one-off piece is going to sit in your wardrobe and never be worn again, or without buying an entire new wardrobe. And even better, there is so much variety in the dresses available for hire and so many different styles to choose from! The hiring process takes away that aspect of overthinking our purchases and justifying our future use of our clothing buys, and you still get to wear an amazing dress!

3. More environmentally friendly

Not many people know that the fashion and textile industries contribute massively to our global environmental footprint, producing significant greenhouse gas emissions and waste that goes into landfill and using seriously enormous amounts of water and chemicals during the production process.

To give you an idea, the textile industry alone produces approximately 10% of the global carbon emissions, and almost 20% of global wastewater [1]. This is an estimated 1.2 billion tonnes of C02 produced and released into the environment per annum, with processing of material also involving 100-150 litres of water per kilogram of textile fibre [1].

Designer clothes are also often more durable than cheaper fast fashion disposable items. The production of designer clothes likely uses the same amount of resources as is required for lesser quality cheaper clothing pieces. However, the difference is that designer clothing last so much longer and can be worn fat more before the quality of the garment is reduced or the material wear becomes apparent. In this way, the production of higher quality clothing is more sustainable.

Hiring is one way you can make more sustainable choices. Reuse of textiles through renting avoids feeding into the mass production of fabric and garments while still keeping up to date with the latest designer and fashion trends. Why not try reducing our impact on the planet by switching from renting to buying, which is more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

4. Frees up closet space

How much clothing do you buy each month? Or each year? Did you know that the average Australian buys 27kg of textile products per year! This is double the average person worldwide [2]. And how many times do you wear each piece of clothing? We tend to participate in fast fashion trends and spend so much money on ‘disposable’ textile products which we only wear once.

We go to a formal, wedding or ball, wear a dress, then we never wear it again. After we wear them, they hang in the back of our cupboards and we forget about them. Our closets become filled with items we hardly ever wear which lessens our storage space dramatically.

This is especially the case for formal attire, because the types of events we would wear more ‘special’ clothing pieces to are often scarcer in our social calendars, only popping up once every few weeks or months. Hiring formalwear is a very practical solution to this problem, it’s going to free up space in your closet as you simply wear the dress once and then return it, without the need for storage in your home!

5. You can snap your amazing pick on Instagram and never have to repeat outfit again

Want to slay on Instagram and have your followers see you in amazing designer dresses? We have said that designer clothing is not necessarily affordable especially if you are only wearing the item purchased less than a handful of times. And most often, we do only wear our dress worth hundreds of dollars once to an event, then never again because we don’t want anyone to see us wearing the same dress AGAIN!

When we post a pic to our Instagram looking super fierce in a smashing designer gown, everyone who follows us sees it and either likes or comments. Who knows what they will think if we post another picture wearing the same dress! With hiring, you never have to worry about outfit repeating again because you wear the dress once and then return it straight after.

Rental boutiques are like a whole designer closet at your disposal, you can come in try any dress, snap a pic in your dress of choice at your event and then return it. You will never be caught in the same dress again if you choose to rent versus buy.

If you are thinking, WOW I am definitely going to hire a dress for my next formal occasion, then come visit us at Dress For A Night. We can’t wait to see you in store and help you find the perfect dress to rent for your next event!




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