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What to wear as a Summer Wedding Guest

With Summer being the season of weddings it can become overwhelming searching for the perfect summery dress suitable for the event. Weddings can range from being super formal to quite casual and often we find ourselves really unsure of what we should wear as a guest (trust me, we’ve all been there!).
Our dress hire guide is here to help! We talk you through different styles suitable for all types of wedding dress codes. You are sure to fall in love with one that’s perfect for your upcoming wedding guest invite!
This dress is a nice mix between casual and formal with its midi length. The nude lining and textured patterning on the dress is beautiful and definitely appropriate for a summer wedding guest! If you’re worried about this dress being too casual you can always dress it up with gorgeous earrings and rings along with a cute one shoulder mini bag and of course your favourite heels! This dress is sure to keep you feeling comfortable as its quite fitted on the top and waist, but then has more of a flow to it from the hips down so you’ll still be able to dance! The low cut front of this dress makes it super flattering for a summer wedding and if you aren’t a fan of black not to worry we have you covered with our Mandarin Red colour which is sure to be a winner for your Summer wedding guest outfit!
image source: Instagram @melindawood__
Stuck between whether the wedding guest dress code is formal or casual? The Jen dress is just the right mix of the two! Its longer midi length and lace detailing gives the dress a formal feel to it while the baby blue colour and off shoulder strap tones it down and makes it suitable for a summer wedding. This dress is one of our most popular go-to dresses that our customers absolutely fall in love with for their wedding guest invite. Pair this dress with some nude heels and a matching clutch and you’re all set for your outdoor wedding event.
image source: Instagram @tahliea_louise
Another perfect dress for that in between wedding guest dress code is our Rose Ceremony Midi by Thurley. The midi length of this dress and nude lining make the dress appropriate for wearing to a summer wedding, while the high neck and red lace detailing makes the dress more formal so you’re sure to be wearing a good mix of casual and formal in the Rose Ceremony Dress. This has also been a customer favourite because of the high neck and midi design making it perfect for an outdoors wedding, while the cupped shoulders make it appropriate to wear in a church style wedding. The options are limitless with this gorgeous dress!   
image source: Instagram @oliviaarezolo
This dress is perfect for a more formal summer wedding as its more simple and strapless design, coupled with pale pink colour and front split is a winner for that more formal summer wedding event. The pale pink colour and strapless cut is super appropriate for summer, while the simple design of the dress makes it perfect wedding guest attire. You can't go wrong wearing the Royal Dress to your next formal summer wedding event!
image source: Instagram @olivia_tayylor
We’re thinking... casual, outdoors summer wedding! This maxi dress is perfect as its thinner material will ensure you’re feeling comfortable during that warm summer wedding, while the maxi style is definitely appropriate for an outdoors wedding where the blue and floral pattern of the dress add to the summery feel. You’re sure to feel amazing in this dress and you can always dress it up if you need to with longer earrings and bracelets!
image source: Instagram @kristiebennett
Nookie Garden Party Crop and Skirt:
If you’re after a two piece this set by Nookie is the perfect outfit for a casual summer wedding guest. The silky material of the skirt and top along with the floral design make the dress appropriate to wear for a wedding.The  long sleeves and shoulder pad-like design give this outfit a more formal feel to it, while the ruching and frill skirt suit the outdoor, casual wedding guest attire. Pair this outfit with some gorgeous heels and a matching clutch and you’re ready for that summer wedding!
image source: Instagram @niduska


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