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What Colours Complement a Green Dress | Styling with Dress for a Night

Are Green Dresses really Trending?

Posted • September 19 • Dress for a Night • Designer Dress Hire

Green is the colour of the season. The spring season brings a new light after the dark and dull period of winter. With the bright and youthful colours that spring brings to the world of fashion, green is the one that is standing out the most. From vibrant greens to earthy tones, everyone is loving a green dress at the moment.
How do you style a green dress? We will unpack all the different ways to elevate your look and get you ready for your spring events.

What Colours Complement a Green Dress?

We have previously discussed what colours go with emerald and sage greens - the most popular shades, but lets reiterate.

If you would like to read more on how to style a green dress, click here.

What Colours go well with Dark Greens?

Complementary colours - Reds, Corals and Pinks

Green's complementary colour is red. Dark greens will go perfectly with all shades of red. Don't like red? Opt for coral colours or pinks to similarly elevate your look.

Does Pink go with Green?

Pink definitely goes with green. We love bright pink accessories to match a green dress - whether its emerald, dark, or a vibrant green, pink is a must. If you love to step out of your comfort zone and go bold, complementing a green dress with pink accessories will create a statement look at your next event.


You can never go wrong with a simple nude shoe and clutch. This makes your dress the statement piece, and adds a touch of elegance and simplicity to your look.

What Colours go well with Light Greens?


As lighter colours are softer, you don't want to go too overboard with your accessories. This means that by adding a vibrant colour to match your soft green dress, it may add harshness to your outfit. We love nude shoes with light colours for a seemless look.


Gold or silver accessories can elevate a light green dress and still make your look seemless. If you want to add a fun accessory, we love the metallics for this very reason.

Does Black go with Green?

After all the colours mentioned above, you must be wondering - does black go with green clothes? The answer is, of course!

Can you wear Black Shoes with a Green Dress?

Black accesories with dark green dresses are the perfect match. Black with light green may be too harsh with your look and we'd recommend to pair it with white instead.

Can I wear Green to a Wedding?

Green is the perfect colour for spring weddings. Here are our favourite picks!

Green Dresses for Cocktail Weddings

Rebecca Vallance Dionne Midi Dress

The Rebecca Vallance Dionne Midi Dress is a beautiful a-line style in a vibrant green. We love this style for weddings, in the spring season. Experiment with your style by adding colourful accessories or play it safe with neutrals. Hop on the trend of wearing green this spring and pick this dress for your next wedding!

Rebecca Vallance Virgil Midi Dress

The Rebecca Vallance Virgil Midi Dress is a gorgeous off shoulder midi dress in a vibrant green. This midi dress features a contrast taffeta neckline, pencil midi skirt and back split. A flattering statement silhouette perfect to wear as a wedding guest. Suitable for all heights, this dress is guaranteed to leave you feeling beautiful and put-together.

House Of CB Lulu Drape Midi Corset Dress

The House of CB Lulu Drape Midi Corset Dress is a beautiful one shoulder corset dress in a delicate sage tone. This dress is perfect for spring weddings. Loving corsets at the moment? So are we! We think you will love this dress and its built in corset to accentuate the hourglass figure. Corset dresses are also super trendy at the moment so why not jump on the trend while you have the chance! The midi length makes this dress suitable for cocktail weddings.

Green Dresses for Daytime Weddings

Bec + Bridge Julieta Maxi Dress

The Bec + Bridge Julieta Maxi Dress is a flattering formal event wear dress. Featuring a twisted bandeau, thin straps and a leg split, this dress gives a flattering silhouette and an elegant look. We love this style for daytime weddings as the lime green is the perfect colour to represent the new light that comes with spring. We love this dress with neutral accessories, as there is no need to draw attention away from this stunning dress.

L'idee Renaissance Split Gown

The L'idee Renaissance Split Gown in bright green, is the perfect summer wedding guest dress. With the famous L'idee pleating in the umbrella skirt and halter, you will be looking sleek and elegant with this dress. This statement piece is perfect for daytime weddings as it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on how formal the occasion is. Pair this dress with a vibrant pink heel or keep your accessories neutral for an elegant look.


This style also comes in another shade of green called sea green, for a look with no split.

Rebecca Vallance Dionne Lace Up Midi Dress

The Rebecca Vallance Dionne Lace Up Midi Dress is designed in a vibrant green that features side lace detailing and a slim-fit that flatters the figure. You will guaranteed standout at your next event with this style. The stunning vibrant green makes this dress pop during the spring season, it is a gorgeous colour that suits all skin tones and hair colours. You cannot go wrong with this green dress.

Green Dresses for Formal Weddings

Lia Stublla Eviana Gown

The Lia Stublla Eviana Gown is a beautiful strapless gown featuring an asymmetric neckline with a corset bodice. This dress gives a stunning hourglass silhouette and we know you will love this dress for your next school formal or formal event. This gown is sure to turn heads and will leave you feeling glamorous. We love this dress styles with a nude or black heel for an elegant look that leaves the dress as the statement piece.


Lia Stublla Lillia Gown

The Lia Stublla Lillia Gown is one we know you will love. This stunning gown is crafted from the highest quality satin in the most beautiful emerald green, perfect for the warmer seasons. This dress features intricate pleates and a corset bodice that give a flattering hourglass silhouette. Whether you're looking for a show-stopping ball dress or a simply breathtaking formal gown, the Lillia is sure to turn heads.

Nana Jacqueline Caroline Dress

The Nana Jacqueline Caroline Dress is a dreamy formal dress in a beautiful sage green. This gorgeous dress features an open back, double layer at the bust and sling detailing. This dress exudes elegance and femininity. Pair this dress with neutral accessories to keep your look sophisticated, light and dreamy.

Lexi Natalya Dress

The Lexi Natalya Dress is a gorgeous one shoulder dress in a seafoam green. This dress features a sophisticated crafted one shoulder, a thigh high split and an open back adjorned with a diagonal band and adjustable strap. This dress exudes luxury and has the most flattering fit that will have you feeling like a million dollars. We love this elegant formal dress paired with neutral accessories to keep the dress as the statement piece.  

Finding Your Fit

A green dress is a versatile and stylish option, and its complementing colour options are endless. Whether you prefer earthy tones for a grounded look, bold reds for a striking contrast, or soft pastels for a dreamy vibe, your green dress can be transformed into a variety of stunning outfits. Experiment with different color combinations and accessories to find the style that suits your personality and the occasion best. With the right colour coordination, you'll confidently embrace the beauty of your green dress and make a lasting impression wherever you go.


You can hire all of these gorgeous green formal dresses at Dress for a Night for a fraction of the retail price. Jump on the trends this season and experiment with your style by wearing a green dress to your next event. You will never have to outfit repeat again and have greater variety to choose from within your budget.


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