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What Formal Dress Suits Me? - Size Guide and Style Tips

Wearing gorgeous dresses are one of the best ways to boost your confidence. It doesn’t mean buying the latest or the most expensive wardrobe. Instead, it means picking the clothes that suit you best.

If you’re asking, “what formal dress suits me?” then we invite you to continue reading. Check out our guide to choosing the right formal dress and how to style your wardrobe for different occasions.

What Formal Dress Suits Me? Understanding the Size Guide

“What formal dress suits me?” One of the keys to answering this question is the sizing guide. Different elements affect your choice of a formal dress’ size.

The three most important ones are the measurements of your bust, waist, and hips.

Get a tape measure and wrap it snugly around your chest to measure your bust size. Make sure to measure around your chest’s fullest part. Your arms should also hang by your side while standing straight.

For the waist, measure your torso’s narrowest part. Alternatively, you can measure the spot where your waist creases when you bend to your side. Typically, it is about two inches above your belly button.

For your hips, stand up straight and measure around the fullest part. How about the length? Measure it from your shoulder to the bottom of the dress.

Be sure to wear your undergarments when taking your measurements. If you’re not too confident, have a professional seamstress or a friend take them for you.

Take note that dress sizing variations depend on the formal dress designer. The secret is to follow the designer’s size chart while using your largest measurement as your guide.

If your measurements don’t fall into the exact sizes from the chart, always pick the next larger dress size. If the dress ends up longer than necessary, alteration is an option.

Apple, Pear, Hourglass, and Busty Body Types

Developing your style is essential, but picking a dress for your body type is non-negotiable. Your body type is your body’s natural shape or silhouette. Regardless of your body, there’s always a dress that’ll fit best.

You have slim legs and thighs if your body type is apple. However, your upper-body frame is more prominent. You also have a rounder midsection.

Pick a defining dress for your waist around the midriff like a plunging neckline. A deeper “V” or an off-shoulder style dress will also work. Create more volume for your wide frame with a strapless ball gown with an A-line structure.

Meanwhile, the hourglass body type features a narrow waist with a fuller bust. The hips’ width is roughly equal to the bust size, creating a symmetrical curve on the upper and mid-body.

Maximise your curves with figure-hugging women dresses. Dresses with high necklines with block colours will further highlight your silhouette.

If you have a busty body type, find a dress with a slim waistline and a fitted look. A dress that highlights your bust and flatters your lower body is an excellent choice.

Be careful not to overdo things by picking dresses with very high necklines. These options will only make you look bustier and compromise your overall look and personal style.

Women with pear body types should wear plunging bodice dresses or halternecks. They draw more attention to your narrow shoulders instead.

For the Petite and Slender

Petite women should wear dresses in black colour due to their slim and short upper body. A single-tone prom-style gown will help elongate the silhouette.

Alternatively, you can wear a dress with a higher belted waist. It creates the illusion of having longer legs that’ll boost your height effectively.

What if you’re the slender or athletic type? You need a dress that adds curves to your square shoulders and rectangular frame. Find a dress that hugs your bust and hips with a narrower waist or a flared tail.

A ball gown skirt can also do the trick, much like a cinched empire waist.

Evening Wear Style Tips

The colours and materials matter when it comes to style tips. Party dresses with bright colours are the best choices during spring or summer.

Meanwhile, black, gold, silver, or red are perfect during fall or winter. To accentuate your dress, invest in the right accessories. Start with a small purse with a unique shape.

If purses are not your thing, an elegant handbag is a good alternative. You can also wear jewellery with semi-precious stones.

Don’t Forget the Dress Code

Last but not least, abide by the dress code for formal wear. White-tie events are your state dinners and ultra-fancy wedding parties. They’re also the perfect venue for ball gowns.

Your floor-sweeping dresses are excellent for black-tie events. Meanwhile, black-tie optional is a relaxed version of black-tie events. Since they’re still formal, stick to long or mid-length cocktail dresses with flexible colours and textures.

For outdoor events like beach weddings, choose loose and flowy dresses. Pick brighter colours and livelier prints that don’t cross the boundaries of formal wear. Be sure to wear block heels or wedges to avoid sinking on the sand.

During cocktails, pick a knee-length dress or a midi dress. Stay away from sundresses and minis that are too casual for the event.

Lastly, formal business events command the best in tailored formal wear. Consider looking for something stylish you can wear around the VIPs. Fitted sheath dresses with professional colours can help achieve the look, as long as they’re just below your knees.

Complete your outfit with a structured handbag and a pair of power pumps.

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Find the Perfect Formal Dress Today

We hope our guide helped answer, “what formal dress suits me?” Now you can stop worrying about over-dressing or under-dressing in a formal event.

If you’re having a hard time finding the right dress, we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Check out our extensive catalogue of formal dresses for different occasions. Connect with us and book an appointment. Let’s find the dress you deserve now.

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