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How to Wear a Formal Dress for a Night Event

Got your formal events this 2022 lined up? Make sure to catch up with the recent trends, such as showing some skin, going back in time, and stripes. 

These trends encompass just a portion of the fashion space, which means you can apply them to your formal gowns, too. However, you still have to take note of some general rules when choosing the right dress.

Do you want to learn how to wear a formal dress? Keep on reading to read our tips.

What Is The Best Dress For A Formal Event?

A formal dress usually refers to a floor-length gown. It’s not easy to overdress, so people tend to go all out and use this opportunity to look their best.

However, it’s too general a term. For example, a formal dress you would wear to a wedding might not be appropriate for a black-tie event. To learn more, Dress for a Night touches upon the subject of dress codes

White tie affairs, for example, are your chance to wear ball gowns. These are over-the-top galas and glamorous events – there’s no such thing as going overboard. 

You might also get invited to formal outdoor events. These aren’t laid back and casual, unlike other affairs held outside. That’s why you should always check both the dress code and the event location.

Can You Wear A Cocktail Dress?

It’s easy to underdress in a formal event. Attendees stay away from cocktail dresses for this reason. In modern times, however, some designs can be appropriate.

If you must wear one, stick to darker colours. Metallics are a great choice, while lace and lighter hues might be too casual. Pair the cocktail dress with the right accessories, and you can rock it as formal wear.

How To Wear A Formal Dress

It’s one thing to put on a clothing piece and another to wear it fabulously. Learn how to wear a formal dress properly with our handy tips below.

Learn Your Body Type

No matter how gorgeous the dress is, it won’t look right if it doesn’t suit your body type. The fit is much more important than the design of any fashion piece.

First, find out your body shape. It has around ten categories, including hourglass, pear, apple, and rectangle. Remember – each one is equally beautiful, so it doesn’t matter which one you have.

It only matters when choosing the perfect formal dress. For the hourglass shape, a body-hugging evening gown looks best. 

A pear body type has narrow shoulders and a wider bottom. Evening gowns with a plunging neckline and loose skirt fit best for this shape.

What Shoes To Wear With Long Formal Dress

Heels are the go-to shoes to wear with long formal dress pieces. You have to make sure the skirt doesn’t drag the ground, so some choose four-inch heels.

However, remember you’re going to do lots of standing and walking in a formal event. The shoes must match, but it’s more important that you can do stuff on them, too.

According to InStyle, Mary Janes are the trend right now in Hollywood. Try a pair to see if it looks gorgeous complementing your evening gown.

Do you want to be comfortable? Learn how to wear flats with a formal dress.

Many designs today are classy and elegant enough for a formal night out. If your gown sweeps the floor, no one might even see your feet. Flats are a great way to stay comfortable and have fun in any event.

Don’t Forget The Accessories

Your dress is the star of your outfit, but it’s the small details that count. The accessories can make or break your whole look, so choose wisely.

The general rule is you choose one statement piece and go with the rest of your accessories based on that. For example, a bold necklace goes best with low necklines. Following that, the earrings, rings, bracelets, and such should be subtle. 

Most people opt for a pair of chandelier earrings, although for necklines with embellishments, choose a statement bangle or ring instead.

The idea is to draw the eyes to one bold piece. The other accessories serve only to support the look.

Another accessory that people tend to overlook is the clutch. It’s a great way to add texture to your outfit. For instance, an embellished purse completes the look of a solid-coloured gown.

Make sure your evening bag doesn’t clash with your other accessories. Even if you plan to leave it in the coatroom, your choice is still essential.

Choose The Right Underwear

You might be wondering what to wear under formal dress pieces. After all, you don’t want your underwear sticking out and ruining your look.

Choosing the underwear comes after picking your dress. First, find out if the gown has support. If it has built-in bra cups, you might not need to wear a bra.

If it’s insufficient, check the back and the neckline. Find a piece that won’t be visible in those parts when you put on the dress. Take note of any sheer areas that might expose your underwear, as well.

You should consider wearing shapewear if your dress allows since they usually have a neutral colour. You can use these to enhance or conceal your curves.

Cover With A Nice Coat

The nights can get chilly, especially so in the winter months. Don’t forget a nice coat to go over your dress when you step out of the house. 

If you want to know what to wear over a sleeveless formal dress in winter, Vogue has pretty great tips in layering. For floor-length gowns, though, you want to make sure the coat doesn’t cut or cover it.

Coats that reach up to the mid-thigh are usually a no-go. A fur shrug or bolero would look better while still keeping you warm.

Be Your Most Confident Self

Learning how to wear a formal dress is the ego boost we need. Remember, confidence is the best thing you can wear to any event. As long as you feel your best, you will look your best.

Knowing you’re wearing the right piece will make you feel glamorous. Let us help you find the best dress by contacting us today.


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