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What to Wear on a Luxury Yacht - With Dress for a Night

So, you’ve received an invite to a luxury yacht party and the wardrobe panic has set in.

We get it — a day or evening spent breezing around on a yacht calls for a great outfit.

While most of us are pretty comfortable with picking out an outfit to wear to a bar or cocktail venue, a luxury yacht might feel like uncharted territory.

The goal is to nail an effortlessly glamorous look as you would for any other party but to simultaneously tap into that relaxed, beachy vibe.

Not sure where to start?

We’ve got you covered. Here, we break down what to wear on a luxury yacht to ensure your outfit is as memorable as the event.

What to Wear on a Luxury Yacht 

If you’re heading out on a luxury yacht, why not go all out with a luxe outfit? It is in the name, after all. 

So, the brief for your look is ‘glamour’. 

As for the outfit itself, your decision will largely depend on whether the event is taking place during the day or after dark. 

Below, we share our top outfitting tips for daytime and nightime luxury yacht events.   

Day Party

Generally, daytime events feel a little more casual, but a daytime event on a luxury yacht? That’s an occasion that calls for something equal parts elevated and playful.

Think of it as the oceanic equivalent of a garden party or cocktail luncheon. 

Of course, your outfit will need to be informed by the expected activities of the day. 

If you anticipate you might be diving overboard for a quick dip, we recommend a
high-neck ruffle hem mini dress. 

The high neck feels chic and dressy, while the flippy hem adds a fun and relaxed element, ideal for the beachy environs. The high neck also means you can wear your swimwear underneath!

For boat parties strictly on-deck, we love a midi dress or two-piece set. 

The beauty of this seaside location is that you have a little more freedom silhouette-wise than you would at a formal garden party or luncheon. 

Overly structured silhouettes can feel a little heavy for a luxury yacht.  Instead, lean into that tropical vibe with something that shows a bit of skin. 

A crop top and skirt, a midi dress with cut outs, or something with a plunge neckline fits the bill. These shapes are location-appropriate but also feel a little more wearable for a sea adventure. 

As for colour pallet, you could opt for hues that complement the environment (think lush greens and blues) or go all out with a vibrant rainbow-inspired look. 

If colourblocking is your thing, make a statement with a hot pink or vibrant orange outfit with contrasting accessories. 

For those who are more print-inclined, keep your accessories understated and let your dress or set do the talking!

SIR Alexandre Crop & Skirt
Zimmermann Empire Mini Dress (Cream Gold)
AJE Solstice Cut Out Ring Flip Mini

Evening Event 

If you’re spending your evening on a luxury yacht, there are two styling approaches we recommend. 

The first is a breezy look. Think slinky midi dresses or relaxed wide-leg jumpsuits and two-piece sets. Look to plisse, silk, chiffon, crepe, and georgette fabrications. These materials tend to billow and float, giving you that dreamy, elegant seaside look.

With breezy silhouettes, look to softer hues such as greens, blues, and pastels. Avoid deeper hues such as blacks and reds, as these can feel a bit too weighty for a balmy location. 

To accessorise your breezy look, add drop earrings and keep your hair out, toussled by that salty sea air! 

The second approach is a sunset-inspired look. This is a winner if you’re cruising at dusk. Go for something in a glowy gold or orange hue. This colourway will work beautifully against the landscape of the sun setting over the ocean. 

Midi dress silhouettes feel especially relevant for evening events. Look to styles that give you shape, but avoid bandeau or skin-tight pieces, as these tend to feel nightclub-esque. 

A glowy finish is the goal here, so go for minimal, dewy makeup. We love
this glowy makeup look

Slip on some strappy mules and fine gold jewellery to bring the look together. 


BEC + BRIDGE Moondance Strapless Dress (Sea Spray)
SHEIKE - Jumpsuit (Forest Green)
ZIMMERMANN Aliane Ruffle Midi Dress
LEXI Talia Dress (Honey)

What to Wear to a Boat Party — Casual 

So, maybe you’re not heading out on a luxury yacht, but you have another kind of boat party in your calendar. 

Perhaps you’re heading out for a day on a deck boat, or you’re enjoying a relaxed evening on a sail boat. 

In this case, we recommend something comfortable and casual, but with a playful flair. Our top picks? Shirred mini dresses, wrap silhouettes, shirt dresses, and floaty midi dresses. 

A shirred mini dress feels fun and summery, especially when pared back with white sneakers. Go for a classic all-white look or bring some colour into the mix with a bright floral print. 

Shirt dresses are notoriously easy to wear, so you know you’ll be comfy all day long. Whether you’re a print lover or you’re all about the classic white or blue shirt, you can’t really go wrong. The bonus? You can wear the shirt dress undone over your swimwear during the day for some extra sun protection (plus, it looks
really chic). 

Tiered midi dresses are a summer staple for a reason. They’re breezy, flattering, and can effortlessly be styled up or down depending on the occasion. For your boat party, add a boater hat and earthy-toned sandals for a laidback yet considered look. 

If you prefer something with a little more shape, a wrap dress is the way to go. They’re designed to cinch in your waist, so they’re particularly flattering if you’re petite and tend to get lost in floaty silhouettes. Experiment with bright, vibrant prints (the hallmark summer vibe) or go for bold block colours. Keep accessories to a minimum if you’re going bright — a pair of sunglasses, a floppy hat, and sandals are the perfect finishing touches.

MISTER ZIMI Savannah Tie Dress (Koh Phi Phi)
BAMBA Titan Shirt Dress (Dry Brush)
SPELL Wild Things Strappy Midi Dress (Leopard Print)
BY NICOLA Verde Mini (Floral)

Your Seaside Styling, Sorted

You’re now set with a few ideas for what to wear on a luxury yacht. 

Whether you’re all about the floaty, breezy look or a ruffled mini dress is more your speed, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your outfit. 

Play around with different shapes, patterns, and accessories to work out just how far you want to lean into the beachy theme. 

Occasion outfits usually carry a hefty price tag, and we’re not about letting that get in the way of you feeling like your best self. At Dress for a Night, our dress hire system makes it possible for you to wear designer pieces for just a fraction of the price. Plus, you’ll save space in your wardrobe and you’re helping to prevent textile waste from ending up in landfills!

Enough from us — it’s time to get shopping for your luxury yacht party look. Discover
all the looks mentioned here and hundreds more!


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