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What to Wear to a Black Tie Work Event

What to Wear to a Black Tie Work Event

Posted • December 23 • Dress for a Night • Designer Dress Hire

The festive season calls for celebrations and an excuse to dress up, which is probably why you have received an invitation to a black tie event that your work is hosting. You might be thinking, what do you wear to a work event? We will tell you all the do's and don'ts when it comes to picking an outfit to wear to a black tie work event, as well as showing you our favourite picks!

What to Wear to a Work Event

Black Tie Work Event

Are you in need of a black tie work event dress and have no idea what is appropriate to wear in front of your colleagues? Here, we will discuss what is and probably is not appropriate to wear to a work event.

In this blog, we will discuss work event dresses for the black tie dress code. If you are looking for casual-wear, click here for our top recommendations for work Christmas party outfits!

Keeping it Professional

It is important to maintain the same professional standard in your attire as you would when going to work. This does not mean you have to wear your work clothing, but present yourself in the same professional manner.

Do's & Don'ts

Steer away from mini skirts/dresses, large cutouts and midriffs, as well as very low necklines. You might be thinking - what can I wear then? You can experiment with colour, shapes and statement silhouettes, and we will show you our favourite options!

What to Wear to a Formal Work Event

Black Tie Work Event Dresses

House Of CB Adrienne Corset Maxi Dress

The House of CB Adrienne Corset Dress is cut from a thick satin that drapes across the body. The built in corset allows for a flattering hourglass silhouette. This dress is all about luxury which is why we think it makes the perfect black tie outfit. This style has the perfect amount of coverage for a work event, the side leg split is just high enough so it allows you to walk. You can never go wrong with a black dress, no matter what season, which is why we know you will fall in love with this style.

Lexi Samira Dress

The Lexi Samira Dress is a fan favourite style for all formal and black tie occasions. A glamorous floor-length, one shoulder style made from a stretch satin. This style is extremely flattering and elegant, and makes the perfect black tie outfit. Although this style has a thigh high split, you can easily use double sided fashion tape to close the two pieces of fabric together. This promising hack, makes this dress an effortless style for your next work black tie event.

This style is available in burgundy, orion blue, black and white.

Pasduchas Composure Gown

The Pasduchas Composure Gown exudes sophistication and elegance. This dress features a draped neckline which is very comfortable and makes the dress a super modest piece. The dress gives an extremely flattering silhouette and will leave you feeling super confident! If you're needing a formal gown for a work function this is your go-to. Suitable for all ages, you cannot go wrong with this classic style.

The Composure Gown for rent is available in navy, wine, black and white.

Nookie Veda Gown

The Nookie Veda Gown is a striking asymetrical gown made from a luxurious stretch sequin for ultimate comfort. Along with the figure hugging material that gives a flattering silhouette, the dress features a shoulder pad accentuates the hourglass figure. This gorgeous dress has a side leg split, to allow movement, yet maintain the modesty and elegance in the dress. You can never go wrong with adding a bit of sparkle to your black tie outfit which is why we love this dress and we know it will have you looking and feeling glamorous for your next work event.

This style is available in navy, black and gold.

Aje Serendipity Reflection Midi Dress

The Aje Serendipity Reflection Midi Dress is a mid-length dress with a corset inspired waist, made from a glossy linen material. Made mostly from linen, it is extremely comfortable and comes in colours blush, champagne and navy. This style is the perfect black tie work event dress as it has the perfect amount of coverage to maintain professionalism around your colleagues. The different colours allow you to choose which would be best suited for the season and time of year of your event.

Pasduchas Lucia Sleeve Midi Dress

The Pasduchas Lucia Sleeve Midi Dress is a stunning gown made from a lustrous satin crepe material. This dress features a V-neckline that draws in at the waist panel with central gathers before falling into a full flared silhouette. This gorgeous A-line style will have you feeling comfortable and confident at your next black tie work event. In the stunning sea mist blue, this colour flatters all skin tones and hair colours, it is a must have style for the cooler seasons.

This style is also available in black.

House Of CB Charmaine Corset Gown

The House of CB Charmaine Corset Gown is one we know you will recognise. Made from a lustrous silk satin, this dress features a beautifully draped cowl neckline with a corset bodice to cinch the figure. This dress is all about elegance and class. With a split in the back and its perfect maxi length made to allow movement, this dress is made for comfort and will have you feeling confident all night. Crafted in different colours, this dress is an all year round style, allowing you to match the seasons with the colourways. The perfect dress for any event including black tie work events.

This style is also available in chocolate and black.

Grace & Blaze Oscar Gown

The Grace & Blaze Oscar Gown is a stunning dress covered in handset ombre sequins. This dress features a fitted, yet not skin tight silhouette that is accentuated with a cap sleeve, scoop neckline and fishtail hem. This style is perfectly modest yet has a touch of sparkle to elevate the look. If you have a black tie work event coming up, this dress would make the perfect outfit. If you want to add a bit of sparkle to your black tie outfit, this option is one of our favourite black tie work event dresses.

Finding Your Fit

Now that we have covered all the outfit do's and don'ts and shown you all our favourite black tie dresses for a work event, it is now time for you to get shopping! You can hire all these black tie work event dresses at Dress for a Night for a fraction of the retail price, because who wants to spend an arm and a leg on a work event dress that you will only wear once? Renting allows you to experiment with your style without having to commit to a hefty purchase, and outfit repeating becomes no more - it's a win-win situation!


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