What to Wear to a Winery: An Outfit For All Terrains

There’s nothing quite like journeying out to a winery. We’re pretty lucky here in Australia — we boast some of the best wineries in the world, from the Hunter Valley in New South Wales to the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. The air is fresh, the views are breathtaking, and, well, there’s wine. It’s hard to beat that combination. If you’ve ever found yourself staring blankly into your closet wondering what to wear to a winery, you’re not alone. Wineries are a popular location for a number of different events — think lunch with the girls, weddings, and group wine tastings — so it can be tricky to work out just how ‘dressy’ your outfit should be. In this guide, we break down how to dress for a winery depending on the occasion and the season. 

Do Wineries Have Dress Codes?

It’s pretty rare for a winery to have a set dress code. You’re more likely to receive an invitation to an event at a winery, and that invitation will detail the dress code. 

Generally, though, wineries are a step up from your run-of-the-mill restaurant. That’s why you’ll notice people tend to dress up a bit more when heading to a winery. 

These days, you can wear a chic matching tracksuit set pretty much everywhere, so why not make the most of an opportunity to step out in something special? 

How to Dress For a Winery

When deciding on what to wear to a winery, we generally recommend taking a two-step approach.

First, consider the reason for the trip. As we mentioned, wineries are a popular venue for all kinds of events. 

Perhaps you’re heading out for a romantic weekend away, or maybe you’re off for a day of wine tasting with a big group of friends. What you wear will largely depend on how formal the event itself will be.

Next, you’ll need to consider the weather. This isn’t just from a practical perspective (though comfort really can make or break the day). Stylistically, different seasons call for different colours, patterns, and silhouettes. To really nail your look, you’ll want to keep this in mind.

Below, we take you through what to wear to a winery depending on the occasion and the season. 

For Lunch with the Girls

If you’re off to a winery with the girls and there’s no specific dress code, make the most of this styling freedom! 

Summer and Spring

So, you’re spending a sunny afternoon drinking wine and eating food with your best friends. For this kind of occasion, you’ll want to strike the balance between comfort and chic. 

We recommend light, floaty silhouettes in soft creamy tones. Look to puff sleeve detailing and relaxed skirting — these elements work together to create a flattering shape. It’s also a good idea to opt for lightweight cotton or linen pieces, as these fabrics will keep you cool if it’s especially hot. 

As for accessories, look to low mules, basket bags, and gold-toned jewellery for a summery feel.


Autumn and Winter

As the weather cools, swap out soft tones for rich earthy hues. Keep in mind that you don’t need to eliminate colour from a winter look. Being guided by the landscape is often a good starting point, so look to orange, yellows, and olive green hues during autumn and winter. 

If you’re going to be inside for most of the day, a long sleeve mini dress will work well. Bring the look together with a crossbody bag and strappy heels. 

If you’re winery-hopping or planning to spend the day outside, opt for a midi dress instead. That extra length will help to seal in the heat and protect your legs from a biting winter breeze. Midi dresses also pair well with winter coats and boots, which will be your go-to accessories if you’re outdoors all day.

For a Wedding

A winery is the ideal setting for a wedding. Wineries deliver on all fronts, providing stunning natural backdrops, perfect lighting, good food, and a relaxed atmosphere. 

Summer and Spring

Weddings at wineries usually apply a cocktail or lounge suit dress code. For both of these dress codes, we recommend opting for a midi or maxi length dress. While mini dresses can definitely work at cocktail parties, it’s safest to avoid anything above the knee for a wedding.  

In warmer months, we love vibrant colours and simple silhouettes. If you’re loving the bright colour trend, go for something in tangerine, apple green, or cobalt blue. For something a little more understated, muted blues, violets, and yellows work well. 

During summer and spring, cut out detailing can deliver a refreshing look — just ensure the cutouts are minimal and tasteful. 

For accessories, go for strappy block heels (stilettos are a no-go if you’ll be standing on grass) and a simple clutch. Want to take your look up a notch? Ditch your neutral-toned accessories and experiment with colour blocking instead. 

Autumn and Winter

When it comes to autumn and winter winery weddings, sleeves are a must. Not only will they add a bit of extra coziness that you’ll be very thankful for as night falls, but they also create a glamorous silhouette. 

Where linen and cotton are ideal in summer, silky fabrications are perfect for cooler months. We’re particularly loving designs with pleating or ruffled detailing for a touch of old-world glamour and a feminine flair. 

Colour-wise, if you want to avoid black and grey, look to rich jewel tones. Emerald, navy, orange, and burgundy are perfect against a wintery or autumnal backdrop. 

If you’re especially sensitive to the cold, add a faux fur wrap for a bit of extra warmth and a touch of elegance. Ensure you select something in a neutral tone to avoid any colour clashes with your dress.

For a Romantic Weekend Away

Whether you’re on a weekend-long getaway or you’re just heading out for a romantic lunch, a winery date is deserving of a special outfit. 

Summer and Spring

If you tend to gravitate towards casual outfitting, opt for a tiered midi dress in a subtle print. A floaty, sweeping silhouette delivers a feminine yet laid-back look that can be easily dressed up or down. Elevate the ensemble with mules, or keep things casual with nude sandals and a floppy woven hat. 

Feeling something bold? Go for a mini dress in a bright, head-turning hue. Saffron, hot pink, and bright yellow tones will create a statement contrast against the earthy landscape. We’re all about dresses that bring timeless shapes and modern accents together; envision puff sleeves dresses with cutout detailing, or backless dresses with pleated skirts.

Autumn and Winter

As the temperature drops, consider heavyweight fabrics such as satin and velvet. These luxurious fabrics exude sophistication and will work well against the woody interiors often found in wineries. 

Who said flowers were just for spring? We love dark-based floral print for autumn and winter, especially on long-sleeved dresses. Style with chic sock boots and throw a neutral-toned coat over your shoulders to complete the look. 

If dresses aren’t your thing, we also love a crop and pants set with a blazer to tie it all together. Sets in black, chocolate, navy, and grey are ideal during winter. Missing a pop of colour? Add a red lip or a bright mini bag!

For a Group Wine Tasting

For winery trips with a big group of friends, the comfort and durability of your outfit is key (especially if there’s a party bus involved). 

Summer and Spring

Our favourite easy-wearing option during spring and summer is a jumpsuit. It requires minimal effort and can be styled up or down with ease. 

This all-in-one option guarantees comfort, so it’s ideal if you’re planning on being out all day. Most boiler suits feature a belt to cinch in the waist and create a flattering silhouette. 

Look to bright colours and floral print during spring and summer, and pair with mules and gold hoops. 

Autumn and Winter

For group winery tastings during winter, go for a blazer-and-pants combo. We love the layering potential of this look — simply add a turtleneck underneath the blazer for extra coziness. 

A two-piece set allows for ease of movement throughout the day, which you’ll be thanking yourself for when climbing on and off that party bus. A suit pairs best with heeled boots, an understated bag, and a slicked-back ponytail. 


Wine and Dine in Style

With some outfit inspiration under your belt, you’re ready to start putting your look together.

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